Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The year of strange mailings

Many years ago while I was in grad school my best friend, Gina and I started seeing just how far we could push the postal service in good fun. Thus strange, random mailings was born. We still laugh about how Gina mailed a skateboard or how I mailed her a banana peel. Fun times. Life got busier and the random mailings got more rare. This year in honor of our 10 year anniversary of meeting I decided to resurrect the fun and start mailing her random things. You can imagine my surprise when I went to my mail box to find a cherry chip cake mix (my birthday favorite), muffin liners, a rubber spatula, and a set of plastic mixing bowls. Essentially a birthday party right in my own mail box. A few weeks before that I got a Rod Stewart "hot legs" record in the mail...complete with Gina commentary on all of the songs titles. The kids think it is so silly and Bella is thinking up some fun things to do with her best friend that moved away. Going to get the mail just got a lot more fun. Thanks Gina for helping to keep the fun alive! 8.25.10

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