Sunday, January 31, 2010

Trying my hand and sewing

It is one thing to sew curtains, duvet covers and a few Halloween costumes it is a whole new challenge to sew doll clothes. I am starting to get the hang of doing it but it is a long process. Isabella wanted matching outfits for her two dolls. I got the overalls and jumper made but I have the shirts still to do. I made a few of the dresses last year the red one I made this year. I am currently letting my sewing machine have some time off. The shirts may have to wait a few months :) 1.9.10

Reading is so much fun

Isabella is really starting to get into the whole reading thing. Here she is reading to our little 2 year old neighbor, Carson. He loves the attention and I love that she is practicing her reading skills! 1.08.10

Christmas 2010

The kids have a lot to be thankful for this year. They really got some awesome gifts from family, friends and Santa. 12.30.09

Team Work

Michael and the kids suited up and took on the piles of snow that had accumulated on our deck.1.9.10

Happy New Year dipped in fat

Ever since I met Michael we have been celebrating New Year's Eve/Day by doing fondue. It is a tradition the whole family looks forward to every year. The kids love it. But then who doesn't love eating food off of sticks especially when you get to dip it in various types of fat! We do steamed vegetables and bread in cheese fondue. Chicken and beef in oil and fruit and marshmellows in chocolate fondue. Yummy! 1.01.10

Jeffrey Kyle's Christmas for kids 2009

On Christmas Eve we went to my brother's restaurant to help out with his charity event: Jeffrey Kyle's Christmas for kids. This is the second year that they have done it. It was started because three years ago they lost their baby boy, Jeffrey Kyle on Christmas Eve. They served over a hundred people and provide gifts for all the kids that attended the event. They serve families that are struggling due to various reasons.
The kids had a great time helping out with the dinner and handing out the gifts. It is a great way to see the real meaning of Christmas: giving! Here are a few photos from that busy day. 12.24.09

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Epiphany party/Valentine's party with the B-W's

We normally have an Epiphany party with the B-W's but this January was a bit hectic for both of our families so we had to bump our all day get-together to the end of the month. The kids had a great time playing and so did the adults. We got to play several games and lots of cards. Dominic and James were flying around in costume most of the day. These type of days are always so relaxing. The kids got to watch the movie The Incredibles--hence the zoned out faces in the group picture. 1.30.10

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mr & Mrs Mitchell Buhman

What a wonderful thing to get to go to Colorado and see one of my best friends, since I was a little girl, marry my cousin. Here are some pictures from the wonderful day. 1.17.10

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New year 2010

I thought it was fitting to bring in the new year with a photo of our Christmas nativity. Isabella was Mary, Dominic was a shepherd that likes to ride on a tiger and Michael was Joseph. I was the angel and also the designated photographer. Isabella's new baby (whom she named "baby Dominic") got to play the part of Jesus.
May the peace of Christ be in your hearts in this new year.