Thursday, March 8, 2007

Lilly Chrysanthumum Christina

This morning I found out that Isabella is going to be a mommy. Yes, she informed me that she was "pregnant with a little girl." She had a very hard time eating her lunch with a baby pushing on her tummy but she managed. She also had to have help getting into her "hospital bed" when it was time for her rest today. She has also told me that she is "happy to eat healthy food so that her baby can be healthy" (upon hearing this I piled on the green beans!) Other than that, she has complained very little about the discomfort of pregnancy. At lunch she was not sure what she was going to name her unborn child but "was still thinking." She said that her expected delivery date was "Monday" and then told me that "you can be my doctor." (although I am not sure if a dietitian should be delivering a baby? I mean I am an RD not and MD.)
At 1:04pm today I am proud to announce the early delivery of the newest member of our family: Lilly Chrysanthumum Christina.
Mother and baby are doing fine. The labor took about 23 seconds and Isabella ended up having some medication for the pain (pink M & M's). She may try to go 'natural' next time if the meds weren't so yummy. I was proud to deliver the baby and get to cut the cord. The labor/delivery did take a toll on Isabella's appearance. The 23 seconds of pushing really messed up her hair and caused her to look like every other mother after giving birth--frazzled yet beautiful.
Little Lilly has blue eyes and brown pig-tails just like her mommy. It has been a very busy couple of days at our house. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.