Saturday, December 25, 2010

Paoletti family all in one house

Michael's parents and his brother and new sister-in-law all came to our house on Christmas day. It was great that the weather cooperated this year so we could all have a few days together. The whole weekend flew by and we all had a great time. 12.25.10

Wrapped up in Fun

Wishing you a joyful Christmas!

2010 Christmas Nativity

Since we were in charge of set design for the St. Margaret's Nativity play this year Michael constructed a beautiful stable and my father-in-law made an amazing manger. We now have a lovely manger to use for our annual family nativity that we do on Christmas. We also held off on packing away the stable until after our family nativity play. So this year our photos are looking a little more professional than the years previous, when our manger was a pillow. Michael was cast as Joseph, Dominic was a shepherd, Isabella was Mary and I was the proclaimation angel (Isabella got to help me out with my line since she knew it by heart). Click on the links to see pics from previous Paoletti Nativity's, 2008, 2009

2010 Christmas recap

Another great Christmas at our house. (This will be a brief recap not an all inclusive list of the day.)The kids were excited about their new toys. Isabella got a new Razor scooter and some Dollie & Me dresses and Dominic got an Imaginext Green Lantern and a new Superman costume. The kids and Michael got me the most amazing present: the gift of warmth (I am always cold) by giving me a new microfiber blanket for the couch. It is so snuggly soft I can't wait to read books to the kids while cocooned in it. Dominic gave me an angel ornament and a new pancake turner and Isabella made me a neck heat pad and an ornament. Michael got me a new cutting board and a knife. Michael loved the puppy chow the kids and I made for him and his new workout clothes. Dominic gave him a new flashlight that says "dad" and Isabella made him a new ornament.
This year the kids got to go to a secret Santa workshop where they got to go "shopping" for their siblings and parents all alone while the parents waiting in the next room. It was so sweet to see the kids give their gifts to each other. They were so proud of what they picked out for everyone. And everything was such a surprise! Isabella is holding the glass angels that Dominic gave her in one of the photos. Isabella gave Dominic a little airplane and he was so sweet and told her how much he loved and and it was the best gift ever. The sweetness of love is just amazing. We really have some great kids. I love my family. 12.25.10

The year of the giant candy cane

The title and picture says it all. 12.25.10

What did Santa bring?

Since it was Christmas morning the kids thought the cats should come up and see the Christmas tree and open their presents (that the kids had got them). The cats enjoyed their kitty snacks and their new balls. Stella seemed most amazed by all the gifts under the tree and that it was a great "cover" for hiding from a certain little 5-year old that likes to "love" a lot on cats. It was pretty sweet to see her face among the presents. 12.25.10

Christmas morning 2010

I always love the sleepy look on the kids faces on Christmas morning. However, this year you will notice that they really don't look that sleepy. The only faces in the living room looking sleepy this year were the parents who went to bed at 1:30am and were woke up by a daughter at around 6:00am and a son at 6:30am--this was after they stayed up past 10pm! Oh the excitement of Christmas morning. This picture was taken at about 7:30am when we finally gave up trying to sleep and let them open their stockings. The funniest part of the early rising is that the kids both knew before bed that since they had been fighting with eachother so much this month they were not allowed to open any presents before church (church is at 10am) so they woke up that early only to look at the presents under the tree and open their stockings! But we had a great peaceful morning discussing the true meaning of Christmas and focusing our hearts on the birth of our Savior. Christmas is not about what we receive but about how we reflect Christ in our day to day lives and how much we love our neighbor as our self. Maybe next year the kids will get to open up a few gifts before Mass? I sure hope so. Here are some sleep faces from years before: 2007, 2008, 2009. 12.25.10

Friday, December 24, 2010

"Jeffrey Kyle's Christmas for Kids"

This is the third year for "Jeffrey Kyle's Christmas for Kids" and the second year that we have gone on Christmas Eve to help out my brother in his cause. He serves a meal and provides gifts for many families. All of this is done with donations from the community and from friends and family. It is quite an effort that takes a huge amount of planning and organizing. Which they only do with the grace of God! To learn more about their story and about why they do it click here. They have a great website with lots of info and more pictures. The kids love helping out and serving kids that are in need. Isabella was so excited about helping out this year that she spent many days dressed up in her "elf" outfit. I love when the kids get the spirit of giving. This year Traci had a friend do face painting for all the kids (both volunteers and the guests) so both kids were thrilled to get their faces painted. Dominic chose Superman, of course and Isabella had snowflakes on her cheeks and a princess-looking painting on the front with a jewel to complete it! This year they also had live music and of course Santa came to visit all the kids. Dominic, Isabella and their cousin Trista got to hand out goodie bags after the kids visited Santa. It was so cute to watch the kids race over to hand out treats to eat kid. Another great Christmas Eve reminding us that there are many families that have nothing if we don't find it in our hearts to share when we have plenty. 12.24.10

Christmas Cookie Fun

What Christmas season would be complete without decorated sugar cookies? This is the second year that we have decorated our sugar cookies after helping out at my brother's restaurant on Christmas Eve. That is why Dominic has his face painted in one of the pictures 12.24.10

Sunday, December 19, 2010

We three kings or Orient are....

Dominic was one of the Kings in the Nativity play. He did a great job bearing his gifts for the Christ child. 12.19.10

Behold I bring you tidings of great joy....

Isabella was the proclamation angel in the homeschool nativity play. She did a great job proclaiming the good news to the shepherds. 12.19.10

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sew Cute

Isabella was given a kids sewing machine by a friend and she finally was able to use it to sew. Dominic was so fascinated that he insisted that he get a chance to try it out. What could be more fun? 12.17.10

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Visit to see Great Grandma

We were up for brunch at my parent's church and we got a chance to stop by and see my Grandparents. It was so good to get a chance to visit since we haven't been up in awhile. The kids were able to knock out a puzzle with Grandpa while we were there. 12.16.10

Monday, December 13, 2010

Feast of St. Lucia

I have a special fondness in my heart for the Feast of St. Lucia, since I studied abroad in Sweden. The Swedish have a huge celebration in honor of the Italian saint. We try to make the most of the feast day by doing some of the traditions I learned about in Sweden. The eldest daughter dresses up like Lucia and wakes up the family to serve them breakfast, which includes yummy Lucia buns which we make the night before. We had a special treat this year because my mom came down and helped us make Lucia buns and stayed the night so she could be awakened by St. Lucia. (Isabella takes her job very seriously! I was sent back to bed since she wasn't ready for me to wake up....fine with me. I do love to sleep!) Look how our little Lucia has grown: here are some pictures from previous years. 12.13.10

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trip to see Santa

My mom's work brings in Santa each year for the kids and grandkids of the employees and this year we were able to stop by and the kids got to see a Santa up close. Neither one wanted to sit on his lap but they were fine with saying "hi" and putting in a few requests. 12.12.10