Friday, December 24, 2010

"Jeffrey Kyle's Christmas for Kids"

This is the third year for "Jeffrey Kyle's Christmas for Kids" and the second year that we have gone on Christmas Eve to help out my brother in his cause. He serves a meal and provides gifts for many families. All of this is done with donations from the community and from friends and family. It is quite an effort that takes a huge amount of planning and organizing. Which they only do with the grace of God! To learn more about their story and about why they do it click here. They have a great website with lots of info and more pictures. The kids love helping out and serving kids that are in need. Isabella was so excited about helping out this year that she spent many days dressed up in her "elf" outfit. I love when the kids get the spirit of giving. This year Traci had a friend do face painting for all the kids (both volunteers and the guests) so both kids were thrilled to get their faces painted. Dominic chose Superman, of course and Isabella had snowflakes on her cheeks and a princess-looking painting on the front with a jewel to complete it! This year they also had live music and of course Santa came to visit all the kids. Dominic, Isabella and their cousin Trista got to hand out goodie bags after the kids visited Santa. It was so cute to watch the kids race over to hand out treats to eat kid. Another great Christmas Eve reminding us that there are many families that have nothing if we don't find it in our hearts to share when we have plenty. 12.24.10

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