Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Faster than a speeding bullet

The past three months there has been a sound track playing in my head most of the time. It starts early in the morning with Dominic begs to hear "the Superman song--just one time" However most of the time that leads to listening to the whole sound track, over and over and yet over again. In the begining it was so cute watching him fly his superman figurine around the house (ok it is still cute). We thought this might be a phase..one of his obsessions that he would grow out of in a few weeks. The opposite has happened (much to his daddy's delight) he has added to his one flying figurine and he now has a Batman, Robin, Green Lantern, Flash, and a Wonder woman in the line up. (Michael has a stock pile of superhero figures that Dominic keeps stealing from his office shelves.) When he is feeling a bit more energized he sports his Superman cape and flys around the living room or the grocery store (yes...he wears the cape out of the house). He loves to tell you about how superman can catch crashing airplanes, spot speeding bullets and of course...fly. His knowledge of the superhero grows everyday due to his insatiable need to ask questions. You see Michael has created a superhero fanatic...what he doesn't understand is that I am the one that is with the 3 year old fanatic most of the day trying desperately to answer "why superman is so strong?".. "why Lex Luthor is so mean".. "who is faster the Flash or Superman" "why can't Batman fly?" So if there is anything you want to know about Superman please ask Dominic I am sure he could give you a ear full and even some flying demonstrations. He might even sing you the theme song. 1.2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Attack of the squirrels

We decided for fun to put the gingerbread house out on the deck to see if the squirrels would come and eat it. They were not interested in the candy but they loved the gingerbread. One squirrel has been around more than the others, he will come up to the door and look in, Dominic has decided to call him "pizza" since he fed him a piece of pizza one time and the squirrel liked it. 1.19.09

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Matching Cousins

For Christmas we got Trista and Trinity dresses that matched Isabella. It made for some really cute pictures when we celebrated Christmas at my mom's house. 1.1.09

So Sweet

All dressed up for New Year's Mass: the Solemnity of Mary. 1.1.09