Saturday, August 28, 2010

Recital for Great-Grandma & Grandpa

Last year Isabella started piano lessons and this summer she has mastered a few songs. She especially likes one called "Far Away" which is about the immigrants coming overseas. She also started learning many different poems that she knows by heart. The beauty behind the poetry is that my Grandma learned the same ones when she was in grammar school and she still can recite them! I can remember her reciting them to me as a kid, I have even heard her recite them to my own kids. We surprised my grandparents one Sunday and Isabella gave them quite a treat. She played her song for them and she recited 4 of her poems by Robert Louis Stevenson: The Owl & the Pussy Cat, My Shadow, Windy Nights and Foreign Lands. Dominic recited his poem "The Rain." My Grandma looked so happy and proud as she said many of the words right along with the kids. Poetry recitation has become such a lost art, I am glad to see it make a full circle and connect one generation to another even if there are 80 years in between. 8.28.10

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