Monday, August 2, 2010

Poor Sweet Snowy

When we first got our three little kittens Snowy was the fiesty one. She was the loudest and the first one to run to your feet. After having the kittens for about a month Snowy started to have a decline in health. We weren't really sure what was wrong with her. Dominic always had love for Snowy because starting out she was his favorite and the one that he named. Once she started getting less playful I instructed the kids to leave her alone until she felt better. After many different interventions we finally took her to the Vet and found out she had round worms. (apparently they get them from their mother) I had no idea that a cat this small could have them. The medicine ended up being too much for the weak little kitten and she ended up dying the next day. It was a very sad moment for the kids and I since we spent the whole morning holding her and watching her slowly die. So sad. We kept thinking she just might pull through but she didn't. It was just one of those life lessons that we all have to face. I am proud of my kids and how they handled the situation. 8.2.10

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