Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Snowy lives on

Shortly after we adopted our three new kittens, one of them died. Poor, sweet, little, Snowy, who started out as Dominic's favorite. It was hard on all of us, especially the kids. One day we were in Hy-Vee and Dominic saw a little Siamese stuffed kitten in the floral department. He ran over and grabbed it and said "look mom, it looks just like Snowy!" he begged for me to buy it right then but I said he needed to pay for it with his own money. So diligently he saved up enough money and we went back and he bought it. "Now Snowy will always be part of our family...I can't wait to show Krypto and Stella, they will be so happy to see a cat like Snowy again!"--gotta love that little boy. Now Snowy goes everywhere Dominic goes....it is really sweet. 8.24.10

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