Sunday, February 7, 2010

Passport on a Plate: China

This week we got to learn all about China. This was of real interest to Isabella because she was so fascinated with China after the summer Olympics. I have to admit I was really looking forward to cooking all the Chinese food all week long. Chinese is one of my favorite foods. We made Mu Shu Chicken (it is the one in the tortilla or "pancake" as they call it), Lo Mein noodles, peanut noodles, terriaki asparagus, sesame broccoli, crab rangoon (ok I kinda cheated here since this really isn't a traditional Chinese food....but I figured since I already had wontons I might as well make some with crab rangoon filling right?), pork & shrimp wontons, and steamed rice. Laura and Mitchell (the Newlyweds) came on the adventure to China with us and they brought dessert so we didn't have to settle for fortune cookies we got to have yummy brownies and Oreo ice cream (not exactly Chinese but we didn't mind). Next week we are headed to Germany. This is so much fun. I LOVE homeschooling. 2.5.10

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