Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Family Roller Derby

Our local Catholic Homeschooling group rented out the roller rink and we had a free skate for a couple of hours on Sunday. This was the first time that Michael and I had been skating together since we had our first "date" 9 years ago (wow how time flies). Needless to say it took both Michael and I a bit of time before we were balanced on wheels. The kids were all over the place. It was very difficult to try and balance myself and a wobbly 4 year old. We ended up moving him back to the skates that fit over his shoes so he would have some more control. After about 30 minutes Isabella started doing pretty well on her own. She had a very bruised tushie after many hard falls but she had a great time. We have two more Roller-Nights scheduled for this winter so we should be pretty good by spring. I really do love our Homeschooling group there are so many awesome resources and activities within it. 1.24.10

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