Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hair trim

I took Isabella in for a hair trim since she was wanting to grow her hair out. While the lady was cutting her hair Isabella kept turning and looking in the mirror to see the change in her look. Finally I said "Isabella you just wanted a trim so there won't be a big difference in how your hair looks when we are done it will just be a bit more even but still long." She looked disappointed since the last time she had a hair cut we cut off 5 inches of hair and the change was very dramatic. She contemplated for awhile and then said "cut it all off!" The hair dresser looked at me and I said "fine with me." (I had been trying to convince her to cut her hair into a wedge like she had it last year and she told me she didn't want it short so I was pleased to have her make the decision to go short again. This will mean less fights when it is time to brush hair.) Here is a picture after the haircut. 9.19.09

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