Thursday, September 10, 2009

How the "devil" got into the ABC's

So now that Dominic is in "preschool" while Isabella is doing her 1st grade work I attempt to work with him. But first I have to see if I can pull him away from playing Superman or mowing the carpet with his John Deere toys. Today I decided to see if the boy can say his ABC's alone. So I asked him if he would stop burying Percy (a train) for a moment and sing with me (first off I have to explain that the whole reason he was burying Percy under loads of railroad tracks was so that Superkitty....yes, folks his favorite stuffed animal "sugar kitty" has now been transformed into a superhero as well........anyway Superkitty was going to rescue Percy from the wreckage and save the day. I know what your thinking ....why in the world would I interrupt such valiant work and make the kid say his ABC's.....just bear with me.)
Anyway...Dominic dropped the train tracks for a second and started singing his ABC's with me until we got to W-X-Y & Z and he stopped and looked very serious at me and said:
"mom, I didn't know that the devil (pronounced deb-bil in Dominic) was in the ABC's!"
I said "what are you talking about?"
D-"you know, mom, the Deb-bil? the guy that is happy when we do bad things?"
I then said "Dominic why are you talking about the devil? lets sing the ABC's again"
So then we go A-B-C again and when we get to the 'W' (double-you) Dominic gets serious and says "mom you said Deb-bil again, the bad guy that likes to make God mad, Deb-bil!!"

At this point I am laughing so hard I am about to bust a stitch (literally) and I then go on to explain that it is a letter W not the Devil that we are talking about and we tried to work on some pronounciation and then he just went back to saving the day with Superkitty. Maybe tomorrow we will get past W?

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