Monday, September 7, 2009

The Making of a Lawn Mower

Dominic's favorite past time, besides dressing up as Superman, is mowing the grass. He longs for Saturday mornings when he gets to go and help daddy with the yard work. It is a special time that he shares with his daddy. He uses the fisher price plastic mower that Isabella got when she turned 1. That mower is great for mowing carpet but really difficult to use when actually pushing in the grass.
This created quite a problem for Michael. He was determined to find a mower that would actually work in the grass, when he came up empty handed after many searches on the internet he decided that he would just build his own. It all started with a set of real lawn mower wheels that he found at the hardware store. After he had the wheels he could design the blue prints for a mower that would be strong, sturdy, and Dominic-sized. He spend a LOT of hours making the plans and even more hours meticulously cutting boards and gluing the mower together. It was so cute when it was unfinished a true work of art. But he wasn't finished yet, not until the mower was complete with John Deere Green & Yellow paint and a decal! A labor of love that will get used every Saturday morning when it is time to mow the grass. Dominic keeps asking when he will get a bag for grass clippings and a real blade put on the bottom of it. Hmmmm I don't know that Michael is willing to take the obsession that far! 9.7.09

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