Friday, July 15, 2011

I know Karate

The last two times we have been at friends houses having a play date I have had the opportunity to hear Dominic announce to his friends "I know karate! I use it for protection...but I don't know that much, just front kick, to the back kick and to the side kick. I learned it from my cousin (6 years old) because he knows karate." He then proceeds to tell them all about his skills as a karate fighter.
I am sure this is just "par for the course" having a boy but this is funny in many ways. 1. I wasn't even aware that Dominic knew what karate was. 2. He has never taken lessons. 3. His 6 year old cousin also has not taken karate. 4. Apparently skills in karate are linked to having the ability to which case I also know karate!

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