Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TIme for a change of scenery

When we first moved into our house we were so excited to finally get to paint walls and make something our own. I really wanted a green bedroom. I had a vision of what "green" I wanted....and Michael had a totally different one. He was thinking green apple and I was thinking more sage. We talked it over and decided to go bright. It was fun and bright and perfect for a new home. I had a ball making curtains and a duvet cover to match our bright decor. Last summer we finally found a bed frame that we could both agree on..so we bought it. In honor of the new purchase we decided it was time to have a "grown up" looking bedroom. I have to say I was ready for something a little more subdued. So here we are painting the new calming blue walls. I LOVE our new bedroom. It is so tranquil and soothing ..don't get me wrong, lime was fun for a while but I feel like a grown up when I walk into my room now. We had to change the bed was facing so the photos are different angles comparing the before and after. Lovely isn't it? 2/2011

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