Thursday, March 31, 2011

The difference gender can make

So today the kids woke up in lovely moods. Isabella told Dominic she wanted to play superheroes (something Dominic had been begging her to do for days). When Dominic plays with his superheroes it goes something like this: "watch out Superman, Bizarro is going to kill you! Oh, no Batman is here to help now Bizarro will be defeated. Use your heat ray vision to stop him, Superman." You get the idea. Lots of fighting between the forces of good and evil. He uses his vast knowledge of powers and weaknesses to make an interesting battle, which he acts out using a variety of voice inflections.
But this morning when Isabella agreed to play superheroes the playing went a little something like this: "Superman you should marry Wonder woman and have some children. I think that you should name your children Robin and Billy. No, Dominic, Batman is going to marry Supergirl and this one is going to be their kid. I think that this superhero should also get married. I will plan the wedding."
Notice the lack of fighting? The lack of good verses evil battles? Luckily Dominic was just happy to have someone to play with him so he didn't complain but it always cracks me up to her the change in dialog. 3.31.11

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