Sunday, July 25, 2010

The new roof

This summer has been a whirlwind for many reasons. One of them was a beautiful blessing in disguise. We called a contractor to look at our broken gutter. We ended up finding out that we had enough hail damage to get not only new gutters but a new roof as well. While he was at it he was going to put in a gas line so that we could finish off our newly remodeled kitchen with a gas stove (someday). When it came time to do the gas line the guy that came in about fell over when he found that we had copper lines running gas to our dryer. (Didn't even know I had a gas dryer hmmm.) Copper lines are for water not gas! When he got into the project he said he wasn't really sure why our house hadn't blown up or caught fire since our compression fittings were loose and we had a switch that sparked just inches away from the line every time we turned on the bathroom light. God is so good. 12 hours later we had new gas lines and a fitting placed for a gas stove (someday we will get one after we pay off all the bills from this summer!!)
So in an indirect way getting our gutter looked at may have saved our lives.

The kids had a ball watching the guys rip off shingles and put on new ones. Any time a piece of shingle fell away from the "danger area" the kids would run and snag it for their collection. I am not sure why they are saving old shingles but they sure did have fun at it. 7.25.10

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