Thursday, April 1, 2010

Seder Meal: Celebrating the Passover

As soon as we got past the fun of the Christmas season my kids started asking "how long until Passover?" That is how much my kids love the tradition of the Seder Meal. We start out the day with cleaning and preparing for the dinner. When Michael gets home he washes the feet of everyone in the house and then we start out doing the readings for the traditional Passover. We use all the prayers for blessing of the different foods and the candles. We have unleavened bread (which you can see the kids rolling out), a vegetable bake, haroseth (apples, walnuts, raisins, honey and wine mixed together), roasted meat, bitter herbs in salt water and of course the wine (sparkling that is since we are supposed to drink 4 cups of it in the course of the readings). This year I also made cookies for dessert in the shape of unleavened bread and a chalice. After a very yummy meal we snuggled down and read the Exodus story and the Story of the Last Supper. Another successful and memorable Holy Thursday. 4.1.10

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Brea said...

SO many great updates! Thanks for sharing.