Sunday, December 6, 2009

A visit from Fr. Chiola

What a tremendous blessing to have Father Chiola from Springfield IL stay in our home not one but two times this year! He stopped by and stayed the night on his way to Colorado for his sabbatical in August and then he stopped in on the way back and got to celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas with us.
Fr. Chiola is the wonderful priest who married Michael and I 7.5 years ago and the priest who baptized Isabella. We had a lovely visit and the kids absolutely adore him, asking me "when will Fr. Chiola come and stay with us again?" soon after he left. For some strange reason Dominic found great pleasure wrestling and fighting with the priest while he was in our home. Fr. Chiola seemed to think it was great fun.....I was a bit troubled by his incessant attacks luckily no one got hurt. 12.6.09

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