Sunday, August 3, 2014

Colorado Vacation: Mother Cabrini Shrine, Golden CO

 In the early 1900's Mother Cabrini moved to Colorado, at the time the only water was in a small pond next to the spring house. All of the water needed for drinking and cooking had to be brought up to the summer camp from the stream at the bottom of Mt. Vernon Canyon. In September 1912, the sisters complained to Mother Cabrini that they were dying of thirst and there was no water to be had. She answered, “Lift that rock over there and start to dig. You will find water fresh enough to drink and clean enough to wash.” The spring, which is housed in an 8,000 gallon tank, has never stopped running.

 In 1912 Mother Cabrini discovered The Spring of water and to this day, water still flows from it. Many pilgrims, through their faith, believe the water has brought healing and peace to their lives. Here are some pictures of the kids drinking water from the spring.
 The heart of stones, located at the top of the 373 steps, is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, this labor of love and devotion was built by the Sisters and the orphan children being cared for at the Queen of Heaven Orphanage. There is glass covering the original stones, people throw coins on the glass, which makes it difficult to see the heart shape in this picture.
The stairway of prayer leading to the 22-foot Statue of the Sacred Heart consists of 373 steps that are adorned by the Stations of the Cross, the Mysteries of the Rosary and the Ten Commandments.

We were able to attend Mass at the shrine and visit all the beautiful sites & the grotto.
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