Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Visting Gina & her family in Colorado

 This was Dominic's prize find on the beach......a fish skeleton. He really wanted to take it home with him in his suitcase.  Hmmmm not so sure about that.
 Creating a wonderful moat.
 Hiking the "Three Sisters" trail in Evergreen CO.
 My dear friend, Gina and her sweet baby Adelaide.
 Isabella loving little Adelaide.
Made it to the top of "Three Sisters"

 Having a blast riding the cul de sac.
Beach in October in Colorado....crazy.

 Dominic and Colton became best buds
 Kaede, Dominic & Colton headed to the park.  Great friends already.
 Silly kiddos
 Isabella & Dominic splashing in the stream.
 Gibson, Dominic, Isabella & Colton making a sand bridge.

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