Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The year of the "Blizzard"

The weather man said that we might be lucky to get a total of 8 inches of snow. This was a relief to me after the non stop snow and ice we had last year. But as always, the weather man was sooo wrong since we have had a ton of snow already this year 36.4 inches! February 1st of 2011 is the first time the kids have heard "blizzard" in our area. In honor of this exciting event we created a snow tent and had our history lesson inside it while we ate short bread cookies and popcorn. We even ate dinner in the snow tent. Michael worked from home for two days due to the road conditions. It was fun having him around during the day, even if he was working. Unfortunately the blizzard never got so bad that we couldn't see across the street (which my children really wanted) but it was still fun. The kids pretended to be part of the Ingall's family and talked about "The Long Winter" and all the blizzards that Laura had to endure. When it was all over Dominic said "I wish we could have another blizzard, they are fun!" of course they are ...when you live in a warm house and play in a snow tent all afternoon. 2.1.11

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