Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Runners to your Mark..4x100 Relay

This was Isabella's first season of track. She trained for 6 weeks with her team the Lazers and then got to participate in the national track meet in Springfield Mo. She was one of the youngest on the 8 and under team but she still did an awesome job. Her 4x100 relay team took 2nd place. Here are some pictures from the relay that she got to start off. You gotta love the way she turned and smiled for the camera in the middle of her leg of the race. She was so excited when we drove home she told us that it was the "best day of her life!" She confirmed that it was even better than Christmas and her birthday. I have to admit it was really fun watching all the little kids compete. Hopefully we will be able to participate again next year. Dominic can't wait for the chance to be in track too. 6.22.10

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