Thursday, March 25, 2010

Homeschool Day at the Zoo

The Kansas City Zoo offered a homeschool day that included classes for kids of all ages and some hands on learning on mammals, amphibians, birds and reptiles. Although the day ended up cold in the morning (luckily the classes were inside) it warmed up in the afternoon and the kids got to see some animals and even got a free ride on the carousel. The best part for the kids was a talking parrot that kept saying "check the weather blog" and "I've been around forever" It was enough to keep them giggling for awhile. Of all the times we have been to the zoo we have never fed the Lorikeets. What an experience that is! The kids had a blast having birds hop around on them. One girl in our group had a bird on her head! It was pretty amazing to get to see such pretty birds up close. 3.25.10

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