Monday, October 19, 2009

See how they love eachother

It was a beautiful day out and the kids were having a great time playing in the giant leave pile we had made in the back yard. Dominic was dressed as his famous superhero and he was having fun rescuing the neighbors cat from a tree. I was busy purging junk from the kids room to make room for Isabella's new twin bed. The windows were open and the lovely fall air was blowing through the room as I listened to the laughter of my two lovely children. A few minutes later Dominic came in and plopped down amid the stacks of picture books I was sorting through and started looking at them. Then he looked at me with wide eyes and said "mommy can you read this to me? It is my favorite book." How could I deny that request?
So we went on to read the book: "Do you love me little one"
I could hear Isabella outside playing in the leaves calling for Dominic to come and play with her. I was going to yell out that he was with me, but I didn't want to ruin the moment of the story so I decided I would wait until the story was done since it was a short book. She continued to yell for her brother for a few minutes.
The next thing I heard is the sound of doors opening and shutting as she ran up the stairs and into her room. She burst through the door with tears streaming down her face. My back was facing the door so she couldn't see Dominic on my lap as she pronounced "Mommy, I've lost Dominic, I've looked everywhere and I just know he is gone forever! We have to find him!"
At this point Dominic leans around and says "Bella, I am right here!"
With big smiles on both their faces they embrace and laugh. It was one of the sweetest moments ever. To see the sincere love they have for one another was so beautiful. I am always telling Isabella to keep an eye on her brother when they are out playing so she was ever so concerned that she "had lost him" and ever so happy to know that he was safe. 10.19.09

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nijlorac said...

These moments make your heart grow , don't they? I love this post.

Love C